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Animating the classroom

LEARN is pleased to announce a special agreement for the English Education Community of Quebec.


LEARN in partnership with Toon Boom will make accessible leading edge animation software packages for all our schools—public and private.

The following software programs are available:

  1. Flip Boom Classic - designed for students aged 6-12.
  2. Flip Boom Allstar - adds a few more features and is best suited to students aged 11 - adult!
  3. Toon Boom Studio - is a professional level program recommended for high school use, in particular in media or art classes.

These three software packages have been used extensively in schools all over the world for a wide variety of applications. In a constructivist environment they are excellent tools for both discovery and expression. In addition, Toon Boom has recorded many cases where the software has been used to assist certain children with learning disabilities. While the end use of the software is at the discretion of the teacher, there are countless applications available to the creative educator.

For licensing issues, please contact Thomas Stenzel at LEARN.

Updated: February 19, 2015, 1:55 PM