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Online/Blended Learning with LEARN

The LEARN Delivery Model
Since 1999, we have been offering quality online courses to secondary students across the province.  The LEARN blended model has evolved to best respond to the needs of our secondary 4 and 5 students.  Students meet in real-time in classes using a web-based teaching and learning platform (Zenlive),  and have access to resources 24/7 in our portal (SAKAI). 

Needs Assessment
In early spring, a survey is sent out to all English schools to determine online learning needs for the coming school year.
If your school did not receive LEARN's needs assessment, please contact Dianne Conrod dconrod @ learnquebec.ca

Most of LEARN's online courses run from September to June, usually during the school day. Daily schedules are established in collaboration with schools.


Two LEARN Online Teachers win Innovative Online Learning Practice Award

Québec Premier and Education Minister Visit Online Class and CLC

2016-2017 Courses

Synchronous Courses (real time)

  • Math Sec 4 SN (565-426) – prerequisite 70 + % in Math 306
  • Math Sec 5 SN (565-506) - prerequisite 70 + % in either Technical and Scientific or Science Math
  • Physics (553-504) – prerequisites are 8 science credits in Sec. 4, and Sec. 4 Science or Technical and Scientific Math
  • Chemistry (551-504) –  prerequisites are 8 science credits in Sec. 4, and Sec. 4 Science orTechnical and Scientific Math
  • Science and Technology (555-444)
  • Science and the Environment (558-402)

Asynchronous Course (Offered through MEI Canada http://www.musiceducatorsinstitute.com/)

  • Music 665444 guitar OR piano

Online delivery 4 days per week for 4 credit courses
Online delivery 5 days per week for 6 credit courses
Online delivery 2 days per week for 2 credit courses

Course descriptions

Uniform Examinations

For more information, please contact Principal, Dianne Conrod.
dconrod @ learnquebec.ca  1-877-647-6060


Updated: September 20, 2016, 2:47 PM