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Services and Publications

LEARN has posted most of its past print productions online.  The following productions are no longer in print, but are currently publicly available on the LEARN site under the orange menu sections:
Making Media Manageable is a LES framework complete with activities and student tools. It is based on a LEARN Original Print Publication.
This section provides suggestions for using the Problem Solving Cards, a LEARN Original Print Publication, in your classroom.
The Response Cards Teacher's Guide provides helpful suggestions for using the Response Cards in your classroom.
Focus Secondary Cycle 1 is the the culmination of three years of development by a team of teachers and instructional designers between 2003 and 2006, who shared the same vision of making sense of the Quebec Education Program for Secondary Cycle 1.
The Focus Series for Elementary is a collection of model inquiry units and student tools, designed to fit directly with the QEP.  The Focus materials merge cross-curricular competencies, broad areas of learning and subject competencies and content.
Weather Whys is an interdisciplinary six-week unit of work (or LES) that gives Elementary Cycle 3 students an opportunity to learn about weather in a realistic context. It was available in print format through LEARN and is now online.
Building My World (BMW) offers inquiry paths for developing the Social Science competency in Cycle 1. This competency lays the foundation for the more formal study of social science in Cycles 2, 3 and beyond. Our material is cross-disciplinary! BMW inquiry activities develop competencies from other subjects including ELA, FLS, Personal Development, Science and Technology as well as the Arts.
Differentiating Writing Across the Curriculum (DWAC) was created as a student and teacher-friendly writing toolkit.

Here are some other services offered by LEARN:
Free Online Homework Help and Tutoring with Real Classroom Teachers
LEARNing Landscapes is a peer-reviewed, themed journal that is published twice a year.
Since 1999, we have been offering quality online courses to secondary students across the province.  The LEARN model has evolved to best respond to the needs of our secondary 4 and 5 students.  Students meet in classes using a web-based teaching and learning platform (Zenlive) and have access to resources 24/7 in our portal (SAKAI).
The LEARN-RÉCIT has created a series of full day workshops on a variety of topics.  These hand-on workshops are given by a team of three or more people.
Success Checker is an online tool that gives teachers and students feedback on each curriculum learning outcome for a particular course.

Provincial Licenses

LEARN and La Société GRICS have joined forces to provide all of the Streaming Discovery Education videos free of charge to the School Boards in the English public sector including Cree, Kativik, and First Nations Education Council (FNEC).
LEARN licensed REALITY CHECK several years ago for all public schools in perpetuity. The content is still useful for teachers and students to "build critical thinking skills for getting the most out of the Internet while avoiding its information pitfalls."
LEARN in partnership with Toon Boom will make accessible leading edge animation software packages for all our schools—public and private.
Scholastic BookFlix is a new online literacy resource that pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction eBooks from to build a love of reading and learning. You must log in to your LEARN Homepage to access Bookflix.
NFB CAMPUS is a 21st-century teaching tool, giving you access to more than 3,000 films and resources. As an educator in the anglophone sector, your subscription is provided to you by LEARN.
LEARN and ZeLearn have a partnership to offer their Math tools (ZeGenie) at no cost to our school community.

Updated: October 11, 2016, 10:54 AM