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New events starting in March 2017!

Engage. With the click of button you too can join in on the conversation. Using ZENLIVE, a simple and free online tool, educators from anywhere can connect, share and learn. Sometimes we’re a webcast, sometimes an informal web café, sometimes a panel discussion, and sometimes a hands-on demonstration. What we’re never…is boring!

Explore. Subject-matter specialists, teachers, consultants & administrators come together to investigate topics that are of interest to them. Each month, a new live web event will be scheduled with a completely different focus and target audience.  Participate in one event or join them all.

Exchange. It’s easy to express your ideas during a web event. You can talk, text or draw. But, what about afterwards? Your colleagues and students will surely benefit from all of the little gems that you unearth. Remember, you have a duty to share.  

It's also fun and easy to participate in a Web Event! Click the bubble above to peruse the participant guide for some quick tips on how to use our platform.

Not sure if your equipment will work with an event? Check the specs.

How can you find out the details for your computer? Click here.


Web Events
Cyberconférence pédagogique ? La rétroaction enregistrée
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Web Event: Code to Learn
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All our events are archived. An archive has not only the video of the event but additional links to deepen your exploration of the subject.

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