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 a wiki is an online space that can be edited by members. It can contain many "pages"  It can be private or public. You don't have to know any code to edit, just use simple tools.  Each page has a discussion area (great for project planning), and a history (you can go back to previous versions, track who makes changes).

This is an older video about pb wiki (now pbworks) - but it explains wikis well. 
from YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmByB0sIPog
 There are many wiki sites available on the web.
Wikispaces offers ad free wikis for educators.
To start a wiki for schools go to: http://www.wikispaces.com/content/classroom
For the free basic edition for education: http://pbworks.com/content/edu-basic-edition

All wikis allow you to add text, links, images, embed videos or audio files as well as other files. Widgets allow you to embed calendars, rss feeds, slideshows, maps, tag clouds and more.
How to:
 It is important to set up your wiki's permissions - do you want it
  • Private (only members can see it)?
  • Protected (editable by members only but can be seen by all)
  • Public (editable and viewable by all)
Pages can be edited using the simple editor provided. It is not necessary to know any coding.
Here' a wiki 101 http://wiki.wetpaint.com/page/Wiki+101
How to for Wikispaces Video tours of different aspects of the wiki
Pedagogical uses:
  • Teacher created online content
  • Student created online content
  • Collaborative creation and knowledge-building
Teachers can set up wikis as a source of information for students. This example AcaBio shows how one teacher used a wiki to inform students (calendar, notes, outline of projects, information on topics) as well as a place for students to create and share work.

Wikis can be used for collaborative projects. Members can be in the same class or  anywhere in the world.

Past Projects which featured collaboration across classes
Elementary School
Mysteries of Harris Burdick - collaborative writing project:  http://classroombooktalk.wikispaces.com/Mysteries+of+Harris+Burdick

High School
Flat Classroom Project: http://www.flatclassroomproject.org/About
This is a project which is repeated three times a year. Students are paired with students in another classroom and collaborated on a specific area of research.

Learning Latin America http://learninglatinamerica.wikispaces.com/
Collaboration in the community:
-wikis have been used for teachers to collaborate on ideas for teaching

Sharing with the school community
B-7s wiki - http://b-7bobcats.wikispaces.com/
how one teacher shares her class's work with the school community.

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