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The GOAL Post

This newsletter is a collaborative effort of the GOAL Networking Committee.  The Goal Post is a pedagogical tool to connect GOAL to the curriculum. It is aimed for Goal consultants, teachers, subject specialists and administrators.


The GOAL Post - Vol. 9 - No. 3, Spring 2013

Student Empowerment:

  • Priming young minds to create their own future
  • Empowered kids transform learning into action
  • Thorndale students put bullying on trial
  • E-mentors give students the straight goods on careers
  • Dawson’s GOAL-friendly lesson plans link learning to marketable skills
  • Fresh produce and a growing sense of place
The GOAL Post - Vol. 9 - No. 1, Fall 2012

Entrepreneurship Issue:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset creates student “doers”
  • Why this teacher believes in “leading by following”
  • How teachers benefit from entrepreneurial projects
  • Business projects put math into real-life contexts
  • Two great resources to get you started
GOAL Post - Vol. 9 - No. 2,
Winter 2013

GOAL & the Curriculum:

  • Kids retain learning that has real-life relevance
  • Where GOAL fits in the QEP
  • How a Jonquière school opens doors and minds
  • Students who felt marginalized come into their own
  • The POP Index: too good not
    to share!
  • April 17 is “Talk with our Kids about Money Day”
GOAL Post - Vol. 8 - No. 2,
Winter 2012

In this issue:

  • The power of hands-on learning within the community
  • BrainReach makes science accessible and cool
  • “Trades in Motion” invites young students to “come, see, do.”
  • RSB students give their reasons for staying in school
  • Eight ways to get GOAL into your classroom
  • Entrepreneurship training is planned for this fall
GOAL Post - Vol. 8 - No. 3
Spring 2012
GOAL Post - Vol. 8 - No. 2
GOAL Post - Vol. 8 - No. 2,
Winter 2012

In this issue:
  • It Takes a Community to Orient a Child
  • She’s Reaching for Space, Never Mind the Sky
  • Inter-school cooperation creates
    a taste for fractions
  • Operation Back to School provides the inside scoop on careers
  • Community Learning Centres can be a great resource
  • Schools have a key role
    in new entrepreneurship
Goal Post - Vol. 8 - No. 1,
Fall 2011

In this issue:
  • Life lessons taught by the Ant Man
  • She’s dynamic,she’s skilled and she’s hooked on GOAL.
  • Nine ways you can identify a GOAL school
  • Why Treats from the Terroir is as “GOAL” as it gets
  • What entrepreneurship means for GOAL
Goal Post - Vol.7-no 3, Spring 2011

In this issue :

  • Centennial’s Dragons’ Den gives students a lesson in life.
  • Check your assumptions at the door, says renowned educator.
  • Every kid needs hope and dreams.
GOALV0l 7-2

In this issue :

  • Symposium promises thought-provoking line-up of speakers.
  • New LES-trio is ready for testing.
  • A family career tree can validate students’ own strengths.
  • Live from the shop floor at Heritage­!
GOALV0l 7-1cover
Goal Post - Vol.7-no 1, Fall 2010

In this issue :

  • - Integrative Project program helps
  •      students to connect the dots.
  • - Lake of Two Mountains’ POWER
  •      students show their stuff.
  • - Canadian student leaders gather at
  •      Pierrefonds Comprehensive.
GOALV0l 6, 2cover
Goal Post - Vol.6-no 2, Spring 2010

In this issue :
  • - Symposium maps out strategies for
  • greater student engagement.
  • - Six-board videoconference brings
  • space travel into the classroom.
  • - POP/Explo/Entrepreneurship update:
  • The mentoring project that grew
Goal Post - Vol. 6-no 1, Winter 2010

In this issue :

  • "Dragons' Den" challenge fires students' imaginations.
  • POP/Explo update: A PDIG with a difference
  • "Commit to Get Fit" exercices real GOAL thinking
GOALV0l.5 #2

  In this issue :
  • A career fair by students for students
  • How Explo contributes to students’ self-discovery
  • The Incubator: teacher-friendly and no training required
Goal Post - Vol. 5-no 1, Winter 2009

In this Issue:

  • Bank tour puts a human face on essential skills
  • Access these new evaluation tools for POP and Explo teachers
  • Who's who in the GOAL network

Goal Post - Vol.4-no 3, Fall 2008

In this Issue:

  • Students see math and science applied in their community
  • Watch for GOAL-related sessions at QPAT
  • Field test gives “Explo” the thumbs up
  • Who’s who in the GOAL Network
Goal Post - Vol. 4-no 2, Spring 2008

In this Issue:

  • Confessions of a POP teacher
  • New career vistas come out of the blue
  • GOAL and the new
  • math sequences
  • Your GOAL Networking Committee

Goal Post - Vol. 4-no 1, Winter 2008

In this Issue:

  • Students get serious about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • POP update: Educators are students for a day
  • Entrepreneurship resources: yours for the asking
  • Your GOAL Networking Committee
Goal Post - Vol. 3-no 3, Fall 2007

In this Issue:

  • GOAL gives real-life context to learning
  • Pilot teachers have POP resources to share
  • You’re always welcome at the “Not-During-Class-Time Café”
  • Watch for “Prelude” and Academos
  • Your GOAL Networking Committee 
Goal Post - Vol. 3-no 2, Spring 2007

In this Issue:

  • A pilot teacher’s take on the POP
  • They’re preparing for high school by exploring their dream careers.
  • “Tell us about lesser-known options!” says this student.
  • Your GOAL Networking Committee