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Elementary Administrators

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The site is designed for administrators and school leaders in the province who are responsible for the implementation of the reform. It's meant to be an interactive site where school leaders share ideas, as well as exchange information, handouts, and presentations.

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This section provides resources for teachers and students, subject-specific program information, a variety teaching and learning approaches, and opportunities for connecting with professional communities. Link directly to the program information by clicking on the links below.
Arts Education
 Arts Community –
Culture in the Schools  Find links to the repertoire of resources available for schools
Arts Grants Find some sources of funding for arts projects within the school
English Language Arts:
Curriculum Documents
Français Langue Seconde : Trousse pédagogique - links to MELS curriculum documents
Linguistic Exchange Program Everything you need to know about exchanges from an administrative perspective, as well as a database of classes seeking exchange partners.
  Social Science
 Personal Development
  Math Science and Technology


Communications and Information Literacy

Internet and the Law
The Internet is used in many ways in schools: learn about using it appropriately to minimize risks and respect copyright.

Connect Classes
The Connected Classroom Registry is a clearinghouse of Homegrown telecollaborative projects, projects hosted by reputable organizations and collaborations conducted by teachers world wide. Teachers use it to locate projects or partners, or to advertise their own project or idea. Resources to help them learn about telecollaborations.

ICT Leaders
Learn about the latest in Educational Technology. In the From the Field section you can find inspiration from leaders in the field. In Managing Technology, learn about ways to develop and implement a technology strategy.
The Resource Centre for Special Needs & Inclusive Education

Learn about the portfolio process and electronic tools to help implement it, including EPearl and Abracadabra, a balanced literacy approach.

Directory of Organizations

Contact information for organizations which offer services to the English language community

Community Learning Centres

Description of the CLC initiative, list of the project sites and accompanying documents


Learn about the mission of the RÉCIT and find links to the local RÉCIT consultants