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African American History and Culture
Horace Mann Middle School
Grade 7 - Mr. Nurse

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African American History Through the Arts

Traditional African Art | Africans in European Art | Pre-Civil War Art | Images Since Reconstruction | The Twentieth Century

African American Inventors

Mrs. Haney, a television producer, has been given the task of creating a mini-series for Black History Month. She has hired you, as part of a team of researchers and writers, to create a program on a famous African-American inventor. Your team has a deadline of two weeks to be ready to tape your program.

Lessons from the American Memory Learning Page:

After Reconstruction: Problems of African Americans in the South

The collection African American Perspectives: Pamphlets from the Daniel A.P. Murray Collection, 1818-1907, contains pamphlets and other materials, most of which were written by African American authors about pressing issues of the day. In this lesson, students use the collection's Timeline of African American History, 1852-1925 to identify problems and issues facing African Americans immediately after Reconstruction. Working in small groups on assigned issues, students search the collection for documents that describe the problem and consider opposing points of view, and suggest a remedy for the problem. Students then present the results of their research in a simulated African American Congress, modeled on a congress documented in the collection's special presentation, Progress of a People.

Jackie Steals Home
By Arnold Pulda

In this lesson students draw on their previous studies of American history and culture as they analyze primary sources from Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s-1960s in American Memory. A close reading of two documents relating to Jackie Robinson's breaking of the racial barrier in professional baseball leads to a deeper exploration of racism in the United States, both in and out of sports.

Black History Special - Inside the Harlem Renaissance
Michael A. Gordon from Arcadia High School has developed a Harlem Renaissance project for second cycle High School students. Teacher notes and web resources are included.

Our class has been asked to produce a Black History video focusing on the Harlem Renaissance. The International Broadcast Corporation has asked that we include historical and cultural background, photographs and interviews with prominent African-Americans associated with the period. We are also encouraged to include any other information we feel is pertinent to the time.
Black History - Exploring African American Issues on the Web

Black History Hotlist

Black History past to present - An Interative Treasure Hun t

Sampling African America


In the WebQuest Little Rock 9, Integration 0?, students learn about nine African-American students who, back in 1957, chose to attend an all-white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas.

In the WebQuest Tuskegee Tragedy, students explore the issues of the Tuskegee Study and question the comparisons some people make to the study and such topics as abortion, gun control, and concentration camp experiments.

Jazz - A History of America's Music

Jazz Kids

Lessons from the National Archives and Records Administration - Primary Sources and Activities
The focus of these lessons is the teaching of social sciences through the use of primary documents from the holdings of National Archives of the United States. The following lessons are relevant to the teaching of African American history:

The Fight for Equal Rights: Black Soldiers in the Civil War

The Amistad Case
For additional information see http://www.paralegal.net/resources/amistad-case/

Beyond the Playing Field: Jackie Robinson, Civil Rights Advocate

Shades of Black - The Best Books on the Black Experience in Canada
by Nancy Sparks and Jane Thornley
http://www.umanitoba.ca/cm/cmarchive/vol22no1/shadesofblack.htmlPowerful African-American Images Revealed in Picture Books
Part One - A-L : http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/special/kay/afro.html

Part Two - M-Z : http://www.scils.rutgers.edu/special/kay/afro1.html