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Featured websites.... The archives

We often feature certain sites on our Social Sciences welcome page and in other news files.  For convenience we also try to archive old featured sites here.

How to write a History Essay!

Learn to write a History Essay on LEARN's new How To site for students!

Visit the RECITUS Image Bank:
Banque d'images en univers social
Click here to visit the image bank >>

(Don't miss their album of external websites here too.)

Who Controls the Puck?

The Owners, Players or the Fans?  A Learning and Evaluation Situation (LES)

The focus of the LES is to guide teachers as they work through the themes and intellectual operations of the Economy; Culture and Currents of Thought; and Official and Countervailing Powers.

The LES also contains many media elements, images, resource links and document collections, as well as an oral history entitled DW's Memories!

Cartograf :

An interactive web-based mapping application designed to enhance learning in history and geography classes.

The English version of Cartograf is now live!

Integrating ICT into a social science work methodology

Join Techno Phil. as he explores and formulate questions, gathers and processes information, organizes his sources of information and communicates his results using technology tools.

Mapping Memories

A collaborative media project which uses personal stories and a range of media tools (video, sound walks, mapping, photography) to better understand the experiences of youth with refugee experience in Montreal. 

Visit mappingmemories.ca.
Or tour directly their:

BAL on Rules in Society:
Éducaloi and Jeune pour jeunes:

Éducaloi is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform Quebecers of their rights and obligations by providing quality legal information in everyday language.  Their Youth Zone contains many activities for teachers and students alike!

educaloi.qc.ca  Jeune pour jeunes

View our educaloi feature page here!

VisualEyes logo

VisualEyes screenshot

VisualEyes is web-based authoring tool developed at the University of Virginia to weave images, maps, charts, video and data into highly interactive and compelling dynamic visualizations.

Learners Without Borders: 2nd Annual Kajjansi Jewellery Sale

On Friday, October 29th, LWB will be hosting a jewellery sale featuring the latest Kajjansi Jewellery Collection for women and men, boys and girls. During the sale, an ongoing presentation featuring the project will be occurring in the school’s auditorium.

Read more

Holocaust Education Series Early Oct. 2010

The Holocaust Education Series offers 10 days of testimonies, workshops, films, presentations and exhibitions that place memory at the heart of our future. Consult the program at www.mhmc.ca .

Read more

Bishops Student Teachers Sharing LESs with the Community!

Students taking Canjita Gomes' advance curriculum writing course at Bishops in late 2009 have uploaded their LESs to the Social Sciences PLC.  The student teachers would greatly appreciate your feedback!

For more information click here.

Centre d'histoire de Montréal - English Homepage!

The Centre d'histoire de Montréal, the city museum, offers you the key to discovering Montreal’s multiple identities. With three floors and as many exhibitions, you’ll live or re-live the whole of the rich, eventful adventure of our metropolis. Both a museum and a centre dedicated to animating and disseminating history and heritage, the Centre d'histoire spreads its services and its many activities, exhibitions, and guided tours throughout the different neighbourhoods of the city, in collaboration with local associations, presentation spaces, institutions, and citizens.


Featured Dec. 2009

The Memory Project
Stories of Second World War

The Memory Project will provide every living Second World War veteran with the opportunity to share their memories through oral interviews and digitized artefacts and memorabilia.  It is a very large and growing "digital archive" that can be used in a number of ways, depending on the program you teach.  The Modern period's changes are brought to life (Sec. 3), Power struggles are experienced first hand (Sec. 4), and significant events in 20th Century History (Sec. 5) are recounted by those directly involved.



Featured Sept. 2009

Technique:  The Timeline... using the Lignedutemps!

The RECITUS's extraordinary timeline creation and sharing tool was adapted by LEARN last year for  Anglophone sector teachers and students.  We kept the title "The lignedutemps", so you can always remember this is a Quebec production!, and you will never forget the website address at http://www.lignedutemps.qc.ca.

This new tool is designed to help students and teachers create complex and layered timelines online.  Teachers can design scenarios, timelines can be shared publically or between students in order to collaborate on larger projects, events can be created using the RECITUS growing database of images tied directly to the programs.  And finally, it offers the opportunity to print out their scenarios and timelines, and even provides embed code you can use to put them on your own website.

Direct access to the English version is here.
As of Sept. 2009 the application itself has been translated, but certain help and teacher files not yet adapted.  But don't worry, your data is safe and you can use the application in either French or English, even when working on the same Timeline projects!

Featured June 2009:

Where to Draw the Line is a new online exhibition at the McCord-Museum "where controversy rules!  But watch your step! Every click of the mouse can trigger wild laughter or push you into deep thought… Take a look back at events that made headlines in Montreal between 1950 and 2000. Explore our collection using our cool and unusual search interface. Learn about the art of cartooning. And take a stand by telling others what you think."
Read more at http://www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/cartoons.  (Version français ici.)

Featured early 2009:

The VMC Teachers' Centre Goes Web 2.0

Bringing Canadian museums and their collections to your fingertips, this new online learning space makes it possible for teachers to consult lesson plans or to create their own, and you can bring your lessons to life by interacting and participating directly with students.

Read more

The Historical Atlas (Français)

The Historical Atlas site provides access to a multitude of historical maps, produced mainly by the authors of archives built with the software Chronos. It is intended primarily for students and teachers of history, but those of several other disciplines such as politics, economy, etc.., will also find useful materials for their courses.

Read more


Celebrating Black History:
CBC Archives

"February is Black History Month. In Canada, it's a time to celebrate the achievements of black Canadians and reflect on their experiences throughout our past. CBC Digital Archives has pulled together a selection of radio and TV clips that honour black history — some of which exemplify the racism blacks have had to endure and overcome, both in Canada and around the world, while others highlight the remarkable accomplishments of extraordinary people."
(Source:  CBC Archives at http://archives.cbc.ca/society/celebrations/topics/3509/

icone_tv 6 television clips  icone_micro  9 radio clips

See also Black History Updates news page here.

Le nouveau site du RÉCIT de l'univers social

Le nouveau site du Service national du RÉCIT du domaine de l'univers social est en ligne! Nous vous proposons une toute nouvelle façon d'accéder à nos ressources ainsi que de nouvelles fonctions du Web 2.0. Découvrez:

A Different World:  Educational Toolkit for Social Justice
Click here to begin exploring the Tool Kit

This very useful site is a companion to the book A Different World: An Educational Tool Kit for Building Global Justice, designed for Quebec secondary classrooms but useful in schools across Canada and beyond.  (Order book here)

The Poverty and Basic Human Needs Module explores the themes of nutrition, hunger and food security, health and HIV/AIDS, the environment and water.  The Globalization and Trade Module explores the themes of globalization, trade and multinational corporations.

Historical Thinking Matters

Historical Thinking Matters is a website that is designed to teach students how to critically read primary sources and how to critique and construct historical narratives.

Cliquez pour moi contest. (Site en français)

Laptops and Cameras to be won!
"Le concours Cliquez pour moi! se tiendra de nouveau en cette année scolaire 2008-2009. Comme l’année dernière, les élections virtuelles se dérouleront de janvier à juin 2009. D’ici là, nous vous encourageons à parcourir les différentes sections explicatives du concours qui se trouvent sous les menus Le projet et Guide pédagogique afin de bien préparer vos élèves à ce concours national!"

Fur Trade Stories  (New Oct. 08)

Structured using time periods and timelines for clarity, the site also allows you to browse resources that illustrate different aspects (economy, social, etc.) of the fur trade.  Many original documents and artifacts are available, journals from people involved, etc.   A good potential site for studying continuity and change on a number of levels.

E-STAT is an interactive tool about society and the economy in Canada, free online and available only to educational institutions.

Featured September 2008

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Quenching Our Thirst: Water Management Today

An IDC 2007 Project in the form of a Learning and Evaluation Situation! Students will explore different venues through a series of relevant activities that will develop their capacity to exercise critical judgment and synthesize information. The students become cognizant of a current issue of fundamental significance, the world water crisis! 

Featured May 2008:

VMC Exhibits new offerings:

Image:Champlain : voyages dans la francophonie canadienne. A virtual exhibit from the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC).

Always worth revisiting on a regular basis, the Virtual Museum's Exhibits section has 160+ exhibits online that fit exceptionally well into Social Sciences classes at all levels.   On their front page this month:
  • On the Road North:  Black Canada and the Journey to Freedom
  • Seasons in New France
  • Champlain Travels

Featured February 2008:

CBC Archives Celebrating Black History
Several clips and timeline available

"February is Black History Month. In Canada, it's a time to celebrate the achievements of black Canadians and reflect on their experiences throughout our past. CBC Digital Archives has pulled together a selection of radio and TV clips that honour black history — some of which exemplify the racism blacks have had to endure and overcome, both in Canada and around the world, while others highlight the remarkable accomplishments of extraordinary people."

Start from the is story on the Underground Railroad... then view related videos!

Black History Month Support Resources on LEARN

After searching around the web, I couldn't find any better collection of links and support resources than our own section on Black History, which includes  Some Missing Pages: The Black Community in the History of Québec and Canada  and many other curriculum-appropriate websites and online documents

Visit our Black History and Links and Resources Section here >>

Featured January 2008:

Agora Logo

"Teachers and students can engage with each other through this free interactive learning space. Create customized learning resources with reliable Canadian museum content for a fun, exciting and interactive learning experience." 

Visit the Agora site here

There is also a video explaining how to use the site here.

Virtual Museum of Canada
The Agora space is part of the larger Virtual Museum of Canada site.   Apart from a variety of exhibits and image galleries available through the site, students may also enjoy exploring the games collection.

Featured in September 2007:

Website designed to help students explore one of the greatest disasters of 19th-century Europe, a disaster whose ripple effects were felt in North America and throughout the world. Includes collections of video clips, links, photographs, paintings, and excerpts from newspapers and letters of the times. QEP connections in Elementary and Secondary History.

Read more

Featured in News Feed summer 2007:

J. H. Botterell & Co., Boots & Shoes (M930.50.1.318)


A new personal space is offered to you, completely free, on the McCord Museum website!

Visit the webpage “My McCord” (www.mccord-museum.qc.ca/mymccord) to register and create your account.
Previously, you could select your favorite images, create your folders and prepare visual and written presentations (like slideshows).   Now, “My McCord” will allow you to comment on, annotate, and tag images, and also to add personal images. You will also more easily be able to access all your folders.
Try these new tools by exploring our latest Web initiatives, displaying Aboriginal cultures. This year, 5,000 artifacts from First Nations collections have been added, bringing the new McCord Museum "Keys to History" digital on-line collection total to 135,000.   Use Eduweb: Resources for Themes section to search for First Nations collections.   In the Web Activities section there are also specific activities using these new collections.