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Physical Education and Health

Welcome to the PE and H section of LEARN! 
Here you can get connected with other teachers, find resources and contribute your ideas.  Explore the various sections of the PE and H site using the new page images below, and watch the news feed at right for updates.


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Note:  Some teacher-shared resources are only on the PE and H PLC

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Professional Development Professional Development

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The PE & H News Blog
Circus Videos by Yann
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FÉÉPEQ: La ministre est toujours sourde et muette face à nos recommandations.
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APEQ Awards: Nominate a Physical Education Teacher!
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APEQ Conference submission deadline: June 30th!
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Enseignez-vous l éducation physique en français ?
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Featured Partners

Circus Videos

We recently posted a collection of Circus videos originally built by Yann Deville from EMSB. For more information, listen to the Podcast and view and access the collection!

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APEQ is a professional organization gathering together Physical Education specialists in Quebec.

APEQ  supplies its members with opportunities for professional development through the organization of seminars, workshops, and clinics. 

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