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Educational Videoconferencing

CBCI Telecom is the supplier of all VC Equipment in the CLC network. 
They are a great resource if you are unable to resolve a VC problem within your School Board or through LEARN Quebec.
CBCI Telecom Help Desk

Visit the LEARN eConferencing page for:
VC reservations on the LEARN Bridge
Requirements to access the LEARN Bridge
Contact info for CLCs (needed for completing VC reservation)

The CLC initiative provides technical training and support to teachers to enable them to employ videoconferencing technology as a teaching tool. Each school in our network received state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology as part of the funding package.
For more information on videoconferencing and the CLC initiative, please click on the links below.
  • More Documents to help with your VC presentation SHOW ME
  • More Links for VC Content Providers and VC Collaborations SHOW ME
CLC VC Calendar of events

Documents to help you with your Videoconference presentation

Interesting Links

More on Educational Videoconferencing:
Content Providers:
Sites for Collaborative Projects:
Video-Conferencing in the Classroom Evaluation

CLC Video Conference Calendar 2014-2015
This calendar displays video conferencing events that are scheduled for the coming year.   Click on an event to find out when, where, and what the event is.
Stay informed of what is going on in other CLCs or plan dates for your own videoconferencing events.
If you need more information about scheduled videoconferences or wish to participate in any of the events listed, please contact the CLC involved.
The contact list is available by clicking the 'CLC CONTACTS' 'icon our home page

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