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LEARN and GRICS have joined forces to provide Discovery Education Canada videos free of charge to the School Boards in the English public sector including Cree, Kativik, and First Nations Education Council (FNEC).

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Enjoy access to over 6,100 full-length video divided into over 45,000 video segments, 24,000 images, 1,500 clip arts and over 1,300 editable video programs which can be adapted for teacher or student projects as well as songs, sound effects, animations, and interactive whiteboard activities.

***NEW***How-To Create a Teacher Account Tutorial:

The student's personalized home page has a link to VoDzone so that these resources are available at home.

VODZone Resources:

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Edu-Groupe Teacher Resources

Teacher's Guide to Using Videos (PDF)

To Access Edu-Groupe LES, LA, SMART resources contact Ann Quesnel quesnela@grics.ca